Upcoming Animes

  1. Overlord: The Sacred Kingdom (2024):
    • Description: A continuation of the popular “Overlord” series, this anime follows the adventures of Momonga, a powerful player trapped in a virtual reality game world.
    • Release Date: TBA
  1. Rick and Morty anime (2024):
    • Description: An anime adaptation of the beloved sci-fi animated series “Rick and Morty,” known for its humor, interdimensional adventures, and quirky characters.
    • Release Date: not official
  1. Tomb Raider: The Legend of Lara Croft (2024):
    • Description: Based on the iconic video game franchise, this anime explores the origins and adventures of the adventurous archaeologist Lara Croft.
    • Release Date: TBA
  1. T-P BON (2024):
    • Description: An intriguing title that promises mystery and excitement. Details are still scarce, but keep an eye out for updates!
    • Release Date: TBA
  1. Uzumaki (2024):
    • Description: Adapted from Junji Ito’s horror manga, “Uzumaki” delves into a town plagued by supernatural spirals and eerie occurrences.
    • Release Date: TBA

These are just a few highlights, and there are many more anime series and movies to look forward to in 2024! Whether you’re a fan of action, fantasy, or mystery, there’s something for everyone. 🌟

Remember to stay tuned for updates as more details become available

Demon Slayer : "Hashira Training Arc"

demon slayer season 4

first episode released in 12th may

Let’s delve into the first episode of “Demon Slayer: Hashira Training Arc.” 

In this ambitious beginning, the Hashira—elite demon slayers—join forces to improve their skills. Here’s what you can expect

  1. Setting the Stage:

    • The episode starts in the aftermath of Season 3, with Nezuko learning about her ability to withstand sunlight.
    • Sanemi Shinazugawa and Obanai Iguro chase after a demon, leading them to the Infinity Castle.
  2. Unraveling Mysteries:

    • Shinobu Kochou investigates how Nezuko overcame the demons’ weakness to sunlight.
    • Tamayo is also working behind the scenes to uncover secrets.
  3. The Demon Slayer Mark:

    • The Hashira learn about the Demon Slayer mark, a rare power possessed by only three individuals: Tanjiro, Tokito, and Kanjori.
  4. High Stakes:

    • Kibutsuji Muzan remains a formidable threat, and the Hashira must bring their A-game to protect Nezuko.

Get ready for intense battles, character development, and the pursuit of becoming Hashira—the highest rank among demon slayers!

Latest Upcoming Anime

  1. “Oshi no Ko” Season 2: This sequel continues the story of a popular idol and her secret child. It’s set to air in July 2024 and has already garnered significant attention with 184,951 members eagerly awaiting its release .

  2. “Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu” 3rd Season: Fans of the isekai genre will be thrilled to know that Subaru’s adventures continue in the third season, scheduled for October 2024. The anticipation is high, with 149,915 members looking forward to it .

  3. “Youjo Senki” Season 2: The saga of Tanya the Evil continues, promising more military action and psychological warfare. With 145,891 members eagerly waiting, this anime is sure to make an impact .

  4. “Uzumaki”: Based on Junji Ito’s horror manga, this anime adaptation is set to captivate viewers with its eerie visuals and unsettling storyline. It’s expected to air in 2024 .

  5. “Jigokuraku” 2nd Season: If you enjoyed the first season, get ready for more supernatural battles and adventure in this sequel .

  6. “Enen no Shouboutai: San no Shou”: The third season of “Fire Force” promises intense firefighting action and uncovering the mysteries behind spontaneous human combustion. It’s set to air soon .

  7. “Blue Lock” 2nd Season: Soccer fans can look forward to the continuation of this sports anime, where talented players compete to become the ultimate striker .

  8. “Seirei Gensouki” 2nd Season: Fantasy lovers will appreciate the second season of this isekai anime, which explores the adventures of a reincarnated hero .

  9. “Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest”: Fans of the original “Fairy Tail” series can rejoice as Natsu and his guildmates embark on a new quest. It’s scheduled for July 2024 .

  10. “Kami no Tou” 2nd Season: The second season of “Tower of God” continues Bam’s journey through the mysterious tower .

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